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I’m a reluctant Buddhist & student of life who likes to write op/ed, on all things “ethics”, from personal to professional. I love to call out bullshit, especially, “public”.

I’m a writer.  As viewed through the lenses of history, philosophy, or theology words are the closest one can come to approaching divinity. Be it God, Einstein’s mind or poetry, words offer something only the French have found a way to describe: joie de vivre.

I subscribe to a theology of solitude. My dream is to breathe my bleeding agony into words by becoming fluent in poetry; tucked  far away from modern society on a lonely beach in the “golden state” of  CA.

I’m a graduate of Mt. St. Mary’s University. My degree is in Elementary Education. I studied Psychology at UMBC and Liberal Arts at HVCC. I taught exclusively in Title I schools surrounding our nation’s capital: Prince George’s County, Frederick County, and Baltimore City, MD (2007 – 2011) and spent several years as an advocate for clients of the the ARC of Howard County

Following a recent stint as: “Inbound  Specialist”, certified through Hub Spot Academy; some success & a subsequent hiatus,  I decided to become a consultant. As a former teacher & mom, the Internet both intrigues & disturbs me.

Having instant access to information & people around the world will always be a benefit. However, I’m left wondering how far social media  has perverted normal social interactions. In some ways pornography is seemly by comparison. What’s left for the next generation?

Social Media Marketing as an “industry” has an overwhelming number of charlatan’s hawking everything from social media monitoring to analytic software. “Measure your online presence” 24/7.  

Like a well-organized team of snake oil salesmen, today’s marketers are to social networking what Pfizer is to Viagra. Everyone’s cashing in on the “me, me, me” egocentricity of what it means to “be” in today’s era of technology. It’s gotten outrageous! 

Social Networking is: FREE. Social Media Marketing is EXPENSIVE! What’s the difference? It’s more than “conversions” or any industry jargon, it’s about learning “from”,  sharing “with”, and connecting in ways our ancestors couldn’t dream of.

Imagine 1904’s Nobel Prize winner (Physiology or Medicine),  Ivan Pavlov with an internet connection. In all likelihood he’d have chosen to study the nature of human behavior on the Internet instead of translating it through his pets. I wish he had. Perhaps behavioral psychology would have had advanced and taken us to something more productive. Or is this it? If so, how did it happen?

It’s occurred in the same way court jesters convinced the naked Emperor he wore stately robes. It isn’t much different from the people you interact with online that you know in life; seems everyone lies & no where is that more magnified than in courtrooms or online.

Humanity hasn’t changed much since the beginning of existence. We’re all out for ourselves. Modern technology has only magnified that. At the very least, couldn’t we pretend as earlier generations did?  All that’s required is recognition of the rights of others as equally egocentric as you are & not one bit less.


Raise Brand Awareness With Proper Etiquette:

  1. If you’ve read something online; social media included, star or “like” it;
  2. If it moved you, even negatively, after step 1. leave a comment.
  3. If you loved, do all the above + share, even if it’s your “competition”;
  4. If No.’s 1, 2, and , 3 apply do all the above + show some love by adding the author to a circle, friend, or follow.

Last thing about “me, me, me”: In addition to poetry, I love the ballet, coffee, riding Harley’s; everything vintage, & .GIF’s, like this from: a Coronet Instructional Film series entitled:

“How to Improve Your Personality” (c.1951) 

Just Prose Coronet Films Improve Your Personality

[Feel free to view the 10m film, on YouTube, . For more info on Coronet Instructional Media, Inc. see The Internet Archive Search where you’ll find, free “Universal access to all knowledge”]

Lovely closing words from the definitive guide on all things “etiquette”:

 Emily Post 

“Etiquette is the science of living.  It embraces everything.  It is ethics.  It is honor.”

Good advice! As in life, as online.

If interested in contributing an op/ed on anything “ethics”, feel free to email: h2o_wine@hotmail.com. 


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